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Pornography is usually meant to create a form of sexual fantasy among its viewers. Given the diverse market that requires all its needs to be met, pornographic films have been made in a number of distinct sub-genres characterized by both hardcore and soft-core sexual activities. Apart from catering for certain markets, these sub-genres are characteristic of certain type of performers and the type of sexual activity that they perform.

On Reality Kings, one can find well over 7809 plus movies which run for an average length of 30 minutes. It offers HD porn and also full-length videos streaming and downloads with a daily download limit of 25 movies. You can find pictures sets of over 7700 with an 800×600 resolution. Each set has 300 pictures but has no high resolution. Zip sets are also available.

The first thing about Reality Kings is that design and navigation of the site are actually welcoming and lives up to its name. It is easy to navigate despite its large content which many would expect it to be an uphill task. Upon signing in, the content is awesome. With over 7,809 movies and over 7700 photos, one would never miss a moment of sexual fantasy. All that you need to do is to click on the image from any hot scene of choice, and the page simply opens for you to view the full write up choose the viewing options.

The best thing is that the Reality Kings content is constantly updated and you can notice that immediately you sign in. The movies are good quality and are in HD when downloaded except for some scenes where the HD option is only streaming. The photo gallery has some pictures that can be downloaded in zip files. The price of $7.95 monthly upon using the reality kings discount is a good offer especially given the good quality content. They also have a good customer support where all the customer’s needs are properly addressed.

Reality Kings is not all perfect though. There are issues like the daily download limits which does not go well with most viewers who feel that they should be given the full freedom to make their downloads. Also, some sites do not update and does not allow for an advanced search.

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